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The global challenges of our times involving the new shapes of intellectual capitalism, energy policies, demographic explosion and the link convergent technology development-welfare options, cannot be faced locally though an old-fashioned institutional point of view. A new mindset is required, and I call it the mindset of the Wide Horizon Leader (WHL). (Wide Horizon Strategy)

WHLs are hypercitizens. They are cosmopolitan and entrepreneurial – whatever  their job might be. They trust in and support the organizational autonomy  of emerging networks from the planetary “societal trends," and they know science is not perfection. Nevertheless, science and its convergent technologies – robotics, informatics, nanotechnologies and genetics which all together shape the RING Singularity – are the main stream. The road ahead is to cope with the global challenges of our times.  Every time mankind pretended to ignore the power of wealth and progress (and their complex trajectories), the only result was poverty on a global scale. Poverty means not only lack of money, but a lack of information and the growth of a slow, local, lazy, fearful, hostile and narrow mindset.

If you consider yourself cosmopolitan, science and knowledge-based, entrepreneurial, societal, and as a widehorizon hypercitizen, or if you wish to offer your ideas, proposals and exemplary success “cases,” you have found a place to network with like-minded individuals. If you think you can make yourself at home here, please consider my network a hypernetwork serving as a stargate before examining future scenarios, business and social trends.




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